Do you love to play games? Would you like to learn how to make more friends? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

The Affinity is likely different from any game you’ve ever played. It’s not the product of a multimillion dollar game shop. It’s a unique adventure, one that has been crafted, just for you, by a tiny Indie game developer that is looking to make a difference in your life. We’ve put our heart and soul into creating something that is fun to play  but more importantly  may help you as a person.

The Affinity may be the most demanding game you have ever attempted. Because it will ask you to develop skills and complete challenges  in the real world. If you’re successful, you may wind up making a friend. Someone you can spend time hangin’ out with. In real life.

The Affinity features:

A diabolical alien species. Space travel. Two young heroes trying to save the planet. Yeah, all in a day’s work. All presented in classic digital comic book form. Warning: Don’t get in trouble for staying up late because you can’t stop!

Game Play
The Affinity will challenge your brain with puzzles, memory games, and word play. But also challenge you to think about things like the hidden rules of society, the rules of what makes someone “cool,” and the rules of friendship. Ideas that may help you to unlock the most important aspects of making a friend.

YOU are the hero.
The Affinity is dynamic, because it asks YOU to contribute your ideas. Ideas that can help others. Ideas that become a permanent part of the game.

We NEED you! And so do our other players. They’re waiting to hear about what you think, how you learn, your stunning wins  and maybe even more importantly  your epic fails. They know they can learn from your hard won experience.

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