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The Affinity is a new online adventure game expressly designed to help young people make a friend in the real world. It’s targeted to young people who have social challenges, including kids and teens on the autism spectrum — kids who are wired a little differently.

The result of a 3 year collaboration between IsoDynamic, Inc. and a PhD occupational therapist, The Affinity lets players learn from each other as they undertake the step by step process of making a friend and learning the hidden rules of social behavior.

The Affinity features:

A Comic Book Story

  • A science-fiction action/adventure story delivered in digital comic book form that harnesses the power of storytelling as a teaching and engagement tool.
  • An alien species, The Kraygon, invades Earth and gains energy from negative emotions. Maxx, the hero, is a talented 11 year old with Asperger’s syndrome who needs to form a friendship in order to defeat The Kraygon.
  • Introduces the concept of Friend Dynamics, a new branch of science where Maxx studies the rules and reactions of friendship.

Exciting Game Play 

  • Online computer game features animated videos, puzzles, points, levels, and feedback.
  • Step-by-step challenges parallel the comic book story and lead to hangin’ out with a real world friend.
  • Activities ramp from low risk (practice with computer), to medium risk (practice with online “ally”), to high risk (application of skill in real-world). 

Players Teaching Each Other

  • Players contribute to user generated WIKIs (a part of the game where players share ideas and collaborate) about social rules, the rules of “cool,” ideas for  hangin’ out, the rules of friendship, and more.
  • Players learn from the thoughts and examples of other players, instead of an adult-centered expert model.
  • Community of learners rate, comment, and build on other entries.
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